Zomee double electric pumps are twice as nice, with the option for single and double expression. Double pumping is not only faster, but it is more efficient at generating milk output. Compared to single pumping, double pumping results in 18% more milk volume being produced over a 15-minute pumping duration. Also, because double pumping is more efficient, it leads to better – drained breasts! Each pump has an USB-rechargeable internal battery gives you the flexibility to express wherever and whenever you like, with no compromise on pumping performance.

All Zomee breast pump parts and accessories that come into contact with breast milk, are made without BPA and are instead made with the highest quality, durable food-grade plastic. Let’s talk science - BPA, or Bisphenol A, is used in some hard, clear plastics. Phthalates are used to make soft and flexible plastics and some food packaging. The BPA Free label ensures that Zomee pump parts and accessories are 100% safe for mom and baby.


our founder

Inspired by motherhood and the incredible women in her life, becoming a Mompreneur was an organic process for Dina Shanowitz. Family is at her core, and the reason why creating a smarter way to pump has empowered her purpose. Choosing to breastfeed her first daughter was an important decision for Dina, and when she could not find a breast pump to fit her lifestyle, she was inspired to create her own. After giving birth to her second daughter, she “gave birth” to the generation 1 Zomee breast pump. Dina set out to help other moms who were looking for the same solutions to pumping that she was – portability, effective expression, quiet, and affordable. By rethinking the old-school clunky breast pumps, Dina redefined pumping for moms who want it all - double expression, hospital-grade strength, rechargeable, lightweight, and countless variations of personalized settings. Now a mom of 4, she continues to rely on her Zomee to meet her breastfeeding needs.



We understand how important breastfeeding and pumping is to motherhood, so we’ve made it easier with the Zomee Double Electric Breast Pump. Who knows what’s best for mom and baby better than a mom? Zomee breast pumps and accessories are made FOR moms BY moms. Our passionate team is dedicated to creating solutions to help moms pump at the speed of life. Whether you are a Slay at home mom or back at the office, Zomee works tirelessly to support your breastfeeding family. We love hearing from moms and regularly evolve feedback into improvements to our products. Our mission is to help moms achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Reviews from healthcare providers

"I was very impressed with the Zomee. The suction is strong but easily customizable, there are two different let-down phases of the pump which help get a good let down away from the baby, and I noticed an average of 2 more ounces per session when I pumped using the Zomee as compared to other “more popular” pumps!"

- Arielle Staal RN BSN LCCE

" The Zomee breast pump was actually impressive vs a lot of other portable breast pumps. The suction is by far the greatest plus with this pump. I had to keep it on a lower level while pumping. While my full milk supply is not in yet, I notice my output being close to and even slightly exceeding the amount from my wall pumps. This is another plus for this pump because with a lot of portable pumps you sacrifice ounces for portability "

- Cassie White RN

" The Z2 is a great little pump.I LOVE the different options, especially the preemie mode! ( I typically use that mode and then expression 2 or 3 ). The alternate mode has been very effective in releasing milk from my clogged ducts(which I usually always have when pumping). The rate or frequency feels great between the settings. Very quiet, even more so if I stick it in a bag or pocket when pumping.  "


After several years and probably a few hundred Zomee Z2s dispensed to my patients, I can tell you that I am very satisfied as a lactation consultant. My patients love the portability of the pump due to its small size and battery. The pump is very user friendly and I like the wide range of suction and cycle modes available. The unique alternate mode is especially helpful, most of my patients find they get more milk using it. Alternate mode has a longer pull which just seems to work well, most of the time. I can almost always help my patient find what works for them in terms of cycle and suction. Additionally, the company is very mom friendly and has excellent customer service.   

- Michelle G. MSN, RNC-OB, IBCLC, RLC