Zomee Fit Wearable Hands Free Breast Pump

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Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump: Empowering Mothers Everywhere

The Zomee Fit redefines the breastfeeding experience, offering the perfect blend of hospital-grade performance, discreet wearability, and unmatched convenience. Crafted for dynamic mothers who juggle various roles, the Zomee Fit ensures that your breastfeeding journey is as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Key Features:

  • Hospital Grade Strength: Experience powerful, efficient pumping with up to 260mmHG suction strength, ensuring you can express milk quickly and comfortably.
  • Discreet and Wearable: Designed to be worn under clothing, the Zomee Fit allows for hands-free pumping without compromising on noise levels. At under 48 dB, it's quiet enough for discreet pumping sessions anywhere, anytime.
  • Long Battery Life: With over 2+ hours of battery life and compatibility with a QC charging cable, the Fit offers the flexibility of pumping on the go. A 10-minute charge with fast chargers (not included) can provide enough power for a 30-minute session.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The soft silicone breast shield and two sizes of inserts (21mm & 17mm) ensure a snug, comfortable fit, reducing the risk of discomfort or nipple trauma.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: The Zomee Fit features a straightforward assembly process and a clear LED screen for hassle-free operation. Its anti-backflow design simplifies cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a clean pumping experience.
  • Timer Function: The Zomee Fit's timer feature lets you monitor your pumping sessions effortlessly. You can program it to stop automatically when you reach your desired milk volume—approximately 120ml (4 oz), 150ml (5 oz), or 180ml (6 oz)—for precise and convenient milk management.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Zomee provides a 90-day warranty on parts and a 2-year warranty on the motor, ensuring your peace of mind and a risk-free purchase.

Four Modes:

The Zomee Fit is equipped with four modes to accommodate different pumping needs and preferences, closely imitating an infant's nursing patterns for a more natural experience:

  1. Stimulation Mode: Initiates milk flow by mimicking the gentle, rapid suckling of a baby at the start of a feed. Perfect for starting your pumping session. Automatically switches to Expression Mode after two minutes to continue efficient milk expression.
  2. Expression Mode: For the main phase of pumping, this mode replicates a baby’s stronger, slower suckling to efficiently express milk.
  3. Two-Phase Mode: Merges quick, gentle stimulation with slower, deeper expression, imitating a baby’s feeding cycle with five weaker followed by five stronger sucks, for a natural and efficient pumping rhythm.
  4. Nipple Correction Mode: Specially designed for mothers with flat or inverted nipples, this mode helps in preparing the nipple for easier latching and pumping.

The Zomee Fit is not just a breast pump; it's a testament to Zomee's dedication to supporting mothers with innovative solutions that cater to their needs. Welcome to a world where breastfeeding meets freedom, efficiency, and comfort. Empower your breastfeeding journey with the Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump.

In The Box:

  • Two (2) 25mm Breast Shields
  • Two (2) 21mm Breast Shield Inserts
  • Two (2) 17mm Breast Shield Inserts
  • Two (2) Pump Motors
  • Two (2) Breast Shield Bodies
  • Two (2) Diaphragms
  • Two (2) 180ml Collection Containers
  • Two (2) Collection Container Lids
  • Four (4) Duckbill Valves
  • Two (2) Type-C Charging Cables
  • Two (2) Bra Adjusters
  • One (1) Collection Container Brush
  • One (1) English + Spanish Manual
  • One (1) Nipple Ruler + Guide
  • Two (2) Year Motor Warranty
  • Ninety (90) Day Parts Warranty

Buy it with

  • A regular wash routine is essential for a healthy and safe pumping experience. In order to maintain the performance of your Fit parts, we recommend handwashing parts.
  • Make sure the diaphragm is lying flat into the breast shield body and the lip of the edges are secure.
  • Take care in inserting and removing the delicate duckbill valves to prevent tears.
  • Secure the breast shield kit into the motor until it snaps into place (a “click” will be felt/heard).
  • Remember that frequent sterilization can cause your pump parts to deteriorate faster. If you follow a regular wash routine, you shouldn’t need to sterilize more than just once.
  • The best method for the initial sterilization of pump parts is with boiling water. Fill your pot with enough water to cover and fully saturate the parts. Place on a stove top and bring to a boil for 5 minutes, and then remove from heat. Allow to cool to a manageable temperature, and then carefully remove parts to let dry.
  • All Zomee breast shields, bottles (collection containers), and other hard plastic accessories are BPS-Free, and can go through the dishwasher without worry of harmful residue. Do not wash silicone parts like duckbill valves, membranes, and diaphragms in the dishwasher. These parts are delicate and should be hand washed whenever possible.
  • Align nipple with center of breast shield tunnel. Lean forward and guide the assembled wearable to a centered position on your breast.
  • Lubricate the breast shield with breast milk, lanolin cream, or olive oil. This layer can help adhere the Fit silicone breast shield more securely to the breast, providing a confident seal.
  • Pause your pumping session to empty the collection container(s) before full to avoid unwanted leaks. The Fit does not have a sensor, so keeping a watchful eye on the milk level will avoid leaks.