Nursing Bra

₪120.00 מְכִירָה להציל


Zomee's Nursing Bra is designed for the modern mother, offering comfort and versatility from pregnancy through to nursing. This bra is compatible with the Zomee Fit and hands-free collection cups, yet functions perfectly as a regular bra for daily use. Constructed from high-quality, breathable fabric, it provides a comfortable and snug fit, adapting seamlessly to your changing body throughout your breastfeeding journey. It efficiently supports both single and double pumping, making it an essential addition to your nursing wardrobe.
  • Continuous Comfort: The bra is designed without seams and includes a supportive band, providing continuous comfort and support throughout your pregnancy and nursing periods.
  • One-Click: one-hand operation for quick nursing access, combining the ease of both nursing and regular bras.
  • Superior Fabric Quality: The nursing bra is made from premium fabric that is soft and stretchable, adjusting to your body as it changes, ensuring lasting comfort.
  • Adaptable Fit: It features easily adjustable straps and a hook-eye closure system for a custom fit that can adjust to your body’s changes from maternity through nursing.
  • Low Maintenance: Built for daily use, the bra is machine washable, making it a practical option for busy moms.
  • Modern and Practical: It merges a modern aesthetic with practical functionality, offering a stylish yet smart option for nursing mothers.
  • Safety Assured: Complying with Zomee’s rigorous safety standards, the bra is free from BPA and Phthalates, ensuring your and your baby’s safety.
  • Ideal for Travel: Its lightweight, foldable design makes it perfect for mothers on the move, ensuring you’re ready for pumping anytime, anywhere.
  • Comfortable materials - 55% Nylon, 65% Spandex


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