Breast Pump Cleaning Wipes (40 Pack)

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Easy Wipe Cleaning

Say hello to Zomee’s Wipes - your quick fix for keeping pump pieces clean without needing water. Perfect for busy moms or when you’re out and about. These wipes come in small packets that fit anywhere, ready to use anytime you need a quick clean. Just remember to wait 10 minutes after cleaning before using the pump parts again. This gives the cleaning solution time to evaporate completely.

Safe and Simple

Zomee wipes are safe and simple to use. They’re made with safe ingredients, no scary chemicals, bleach, or alcohol. You can use them for more than just pump parts - clean your baby’s toys, pacifier, or even the high chair with them. Zomee makes everything around your baby clean and safe.

Fresh and Unscented

Zomee wipes help you clean up milk without leaving any smell behind. They’re great for making sure everything your baby uses is clean and fresh - all without strong smells or harmful stuff like alcohol or bleach. They’re perfect for moms on the move.

  • Gets rid of milk leftovers
  • Easy to carry, great for quick clean-ups
  • Cleans pump parts and more
  • No smell, no alcohol, no bleach

IMPORTANT: After cleaning with Zomee’s Wipes, allow pump parts to air dry for 10 minutes to ensure the cleaning solution fully evaporates.

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