Zomee Original Silver Nursing Cups

₪179.90 מְכִירָה להציל


Experience the ultimate in breastfeeding comfort with Zomee's Silver Nursing Cups. These nursing essentials are crafted with 999 silver, featuring a copper inner layer for enhanced strength. They protect and soothe sensitive nipples and fit areolas larger than 43-44mm and and suitable for mothers with bra sizes 34 and upwards.

To care for your Zomee Silver Nursing Cups rinse them with lukewarm water and a little neutral soap.

To remove milk residues, soak them in a glass of water and bicarbonate of soda, remembering to dry them with a soft cloth right afterward.

For use, simply place the cup over the nipple and keep it secured under your bra between feedings. For an enhanced experience, apply a few drops of breast milk inside the cup before use.

Pro tip: the cups can be chilled in the freezer before application for extra cooling comfort.