Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack (Set of 2)

₪89.90 מְכִירָה להציל


Embrace comfort and relief in your breastfeeding journey with our Zomee's reusable Hot & Cold Gel Packs. Designed with new moms in mind, providing soothing therapy for breastfeeding care, postpartum recovery, and general pain relief. Whether you're facing challenges like engorgement, clogged ducts, mastitis, or seeking comfort after a c-section, our gel packs are here to support you every step of the way.

Cold Application: Freeze the gel packs (without sleeves) for at least 2 hours. Use as an ice pack to relieve engorgement, and swelling.
Hot Application: Microwave (without sleeves) for 20 seconds on the lowest setting. If needed, continue heating in 5-second bursts. Always place the gel packs inside of the sleeve before applying to ensure safety.

Included: (2) Breast Ice Packs (2) Pack Covers

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